Teams typically use GameChanger for game score keeping, stat tracking, etc.

You'll need to identify someone (or a few people) on your team to be an admin of your team on GameChanger.

Please setup your team with the name just like we do on the Stars website (e.g. Lake County Stars 14u Grey) so that families can easily find the team. Use the team coach's name, team color if there is one, and anything else needed to easily identify your team.

Don't be shy to ask parents on your team to help keep score during games. And be sure to coordinate with your coach so you are keeping stats like they'd prefer (e.g. at different ages, you may want to score a HR vs. a single with 3 throwing errors).


From one of our Stars coaches, please consider the following perspective as you're deciding what stats to share (which can be controlled through the GameChanger App).

"This is just suggestion for the youth coaches, but in my experience, it is a much smoother season, for the boys, and for the parents, if you DISABLE the ability for the parents AND the kids to see the stats, and coaches/admins are the only ones that can view them (this isn't as much a problem at the HS level where the players know what a good game is vs a bad game). They can still follow the game, and follow the score, and follow at bat by at bat, but they cannot log in and see stats on their kid, or any other kid for that matter.

While technology is great and this is awesome for people who aren't at the game, I have had plenty of experiences with kids who went 0-4 at the plate but had a GREAT game (2 hard hit balls right to someone, a 10-pitch QAB, etc.) go home and get questioned by the parent or get emails "struggled out there today eh?" vs a kid who went 3-4 (but 2 of them were dinkers and 1 could possibly be an error but the game is being scored by a dad) and he is bragging about how his batting average on the season is .700. For the kids who aren't old enough to know better and who are relying on us as coaches to teach them what a good game vs a bad game is, seeing their "good stats" can teach bad habits because it doesn't show the full picture and vise versa."

Please keep this in mind!

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