Field Status

Coaches will be advised of field conditions via Coaches chat in the Crossbar app.

We will try to make the call on field status in general 2-3 hours before game time. However, based on weather conditions, we may need to delay decisions on playability. Our field crew will work with us and we will communicate to coaches as timely as possible.

There may be times that coaches need to make the final call on playability (e.g. if it starts raining right before or during games. In those cases, please use the guidelines below.


How to determine if the field is playable: you're in the right place, just check field status on this page first!

If the status on this page indicates the fields are open or pending, but when you get to the field you're not sure, a field is unplayable when …

  • It is currently raining (and/or it has been raining) and the infield has a sheen.
  • The infield is beginning to puddle.
  • Walking the infield you find the footing unstable, and you’re leaving a footprint.
  • The outfield is soggy, you're sinking in and/or the footing is unstable.
  • Any lightning activity, leave the field and seek appropriate shelter.
  • Continuation of play would be considered unsafe for the players and/or could damage the field as noted above.
  • The only dry spot on the field is … well, there isn’t any dry spot on, around or near the field … time to pack it up!
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