Fields & Facilities

Stars Clubhouse

So many exciting things have happened in Stars Nation the last few years, with the best one being our very own new Stars Clubhouse in 2021! In case you have not heard the highlights, it is a 14,000+ square foot clean new facility with 24 foot ceilings. It is an amazing home for us and a place that you will be proud of!

Our Fields

The Lake County Stars Organization uses park district fields from Hawthorn Woods and Long Grove for regular season home games and practices. We are thankful to the Village of Hawthorn Woods and the Village of Long Grove for partnering with us on the use of these fields!


Heritage Oaks (Fields 1, 2 and 3)

310 Fairfield Road

Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047

From the West, official entrance off Fairfield, about 1 mile north of Old McHenry Rd.

If you're coming from the East, you can also enter the back of the park off of Kruckenberg Rd. Address for GPS that would work is 21975 Kruckenberg Rd, Hawthorn Woods.



Highview Park

19 Carlisle Road

Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047

Second entrance available at the end of Lagoon Drive. Use 48 Lagoon Drive, Hawthorn Woods in your GPS. Parking lot is at the end of the cul de sac.



Lemmon-Hill Baseball Fields (Fields 1 and 2)

6302 Gilmer Rd

Long Grove, IL 60047


Just northwest of S.R. 83 on the north side of Gilmer Rd.



Community Park (Fields 1 and 2)

5 Park View Ln

Hawthorn Woods, IL 60047

At the intersection of Quentin Rd & Old McHenry Rd, go north into the park, then take an immediate left to go towards the parking lot.

Coach & Team Expectations

As we gear up each spring, please take some time to read the information below regarding field conditions, preparations, and use expectations.  As usual with spring in Illinois, we don't get much cooperation from Mother Nature. With the cold and rain extending deep into April, we often aren't afforded much time to get out onto the fields with any machinery before outdoor practices begin.

We have plans each year to work on improving field conditions and scheduling. All of those things require time, and money. We try to balance investments in our fields while also keeping fees reasonable for our families. We also do not have exclusive use of the Heritage Oaks area, so without cooperation of the other organizations, its hard to justify investing in those fields for other organizations to use. 

As the Stars is run by volunteers with their own full time jobs (like many of you), we try to accomplish what needs to be done for the Stars within our free time.  The company that does our field preps also has to run their business, they aren't dedicated to only prepping our fields. 

Read below to see how you can help keep our fields in the best shape possible for the Stars.


Fields will be regularly throughout the early part of the season when we are mainly only practicing or hosting scrimmages, to help keep them in good condition (weather permitting). NO BASES WILL BE SETUP FOR PRACTICES OR SCRIMMAGES! ONLY THE FIXED MOUND PLATE WILL BE IN PLACE!  Coaches/parent volunteers will need to do this (see below) unless other arrangements have been made, so please arrive early enough to prepare your field.

After the season is in full swing and games are scheduled, fields will be dragged, lined and setup in preparation for games. When there are games; the field crew will set up the correct base and mound dimensions for the age group that will be playing. 

The field prep crew is also contracted to do field prep (striping, boxes, etc. if necessary) for games and will set up bases and mound positions for subsequent games if needed on those days (generally weekends).  On weekends we have tried to schedule the fields so that there is a gap between each game in order to prep the field as needed.  Please work with the field prep guys, give them the time they need to do their job, we are all in this together!


Our expectations after your teams are done using the fields; leave the field for the next team in the same condition you would expect it to be for your team to use! 

Please leave all bases in place after your practices/games. That's the easiest way for the field crew to handle them the next time they prep the field.

Those base sets cost over $800 each, so please, lets try to take care of them.

Lastly, time permitting, please have someone loose rake the batters box areas to fill in the low spots, rake the mounds up from the base to the crown and also fill in the low spots.

Please help teach the boys to help to keep the fields in good shape, and make this part of the team experience. It usually becomes their responsibility once they get to High School.

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