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Coronavirus: Stars status updates here

By Lake County Stars, 03/12/20, 9:45AM CDT


Hello Stars families, 
We wanted to keep you updated on our approach to the current Coronavirus situation.  Please visit back for updates.


Hello STARS Nation!
I wanted to first thank everyone for their patience during these unprecedented times. It has certainly been crazy! As anxious as I am to get everything moving forward, I will always put the safety of our families and employees first.  With that in mind, we will be re-opening Stars Training Center and our practice fields on 6/1. The main use of our indoor space will be one on one lessons, personal training and a place to practice when the weather is less than cooperative. Other than that, all practices are encouraged to be outside.
We have not heard from MSBL on if they plan to have a season and tournaments are on a case by case basis as information changes. We will follow what MSBL, Illinois and the CDC deem as best practices for health and safety in youth baseball.
A few key points: 
  • Facemasks are required at all times indoors for all.  They are not required outdoors as long as teams are socially distant in situations such as team talks, placement of equipment and other "social" situations. If you would prefer your child wear a mask/gloves outdoors, this is of course your choice and will be respected. 
  • We encourage you to buy your own gear for things such as catcher masks, bat donuts, etc. Coaches will also be responsible for sanitizing team equipment prior to team activity as well as ensuring kids have hand sanitizer during practice.
  • Your comfort is very important to us. With that in mind, we know that some of you may not want to start back up even with practice at this time. We understand and will in no way hold this against our players or families. All we ask is that you communicate your concerns with your coach and team parent, who will be reaching out to you soon (if they haven't already) with more team specific details.

We will communicate as soon as we know more concretely how the season will look and what next steps will be. This is not how any of us envisioned this year going and we all want nothing more than to get our boys back to baseball. Thank you for your faith in the program and our coaches and know how much we appreciate you being part of the STARS family. Always feel free to reach out to either myself or Cynthia Zarkowsky if there is anything we can do for you. Stay safe!

Phil Carona
Lake County Stars President


Latest update from Phil:
1) We have not heard anything final from MSBL but once we do we will address all our families concerns about the season/money. Hopefully some tournaments can still happen one way or the other but we do not know anything more concrete than that at this point.
2)  We plan to re-open the fields and STC on 6/1.  We will be abiding by the guidelines given by Governor Pritzker including smaller group sizes and self provided masks to be worn at all times. More information will be coming from coaches in the near future on when you will be practicing as times may change from the former schedule. One on one lessons and personal training/fitness sessions can also be started up again soon (they will be set up the same way as before through Setmore)
3) No parents will be allowed in STC to watch practice in order to keep the number of people down. Please remind your parents of this as needed.
4) Uniforms, helmets and any other missing pieces will be ready by 5/30. Team parents pick up your items for your team and distribute them.  This way you will be good to go for any games you may hopefully have.
5) We have car stickers for your families at no charge. Please ask your team parent if you'd like one. 
6) All players and coaches will be sent an electronic form to sign in regards to new precautions/responsibilities in the age of COVID-19. These need to be returned by every player before anyone is allowed to practice.
As always, please reach out with any questions.  Thanks for your help and patience during these unprecedented times. 


Hi Stars Families!
Hope everybody is staying safe during these unprecedented times! We wanted to provide a quick update on what we know for the season.
According to MSBL, a shortened season will hopefully start on 6/1. Once we have a full picture of what our guidelines are from the state, we will address many of the questions that you have. We can tell you that any credits we receive from either MSBL or individual tournaments will be credited back to our families off of next years fees.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we continue to make sure that the health of our families is our main priority and know that as soon as it is safe that we cannot wait to get back to baseball!
If you have any questions please reach out to:
Stay safe!
Phil Carona

4/4/2020 AT 9:00PM

As a follow up to previous communications, we wanted to make sure it’s clear that the STC must remain closed, even for 1-on-1 lessons, etc. 
This will be in place through April 30 as per today’s updated guidance from the Illinois Governor.
Also, at this point we are NOT to begin outdoor practices (and the fields have been too wet to prepare anyway).  MSBL has suspended the beginning of the season.  As soon as we know any more about those things we will update you.
Please be sure you're following our Stars social media accounts where Coach Ace is posting videos that you can work on at home! We'd also love to see what our players are doing to keep active, so share your stories, pics and videos with us.

3/25/2020 AT 10:00AM

We hope everyone is surviving social distancing and your adjusted schedules.  
We have decided to move youth picture day, which was originally scheduled for next weekend, is being moved to May 17, for now.  We will let you now if there's further adjustment.  We realize, that hopefully we will be playing baseball by then, so we will work as best we can to schedule around any games that may happen that day.
Also, please be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Coach Ace is posting some great videos with tips and drills players can do while at home!

3/21/2020 AT 9:15PM

As you may expect, the Stars Training Center will remain closed as long as required.  This includes any individual lessons you may have arranged with your coach.  The health and safety of our players, coaches and families is priority number 1.
You may have also seen on the MSBL website that the start of the season will be suspended.  We are unsure of MSBL's exact plans, but will communicate to everyone as soon as any information is available.  Also, no decisions have been made on how this will impact the season of our Stars teams.  Stars leadership continues to monitor the situation.
In the meantime, we are working to put together some ideas for drills and activities your player can do at home to keep sharp.  Keep an eye on your email and our social media accounts for more information.  If you have any topic you'd like us to cover, Coach Ace would love to hear from you.  Just fill out the survey below.
Also, we know there are limits on what you can do right now, but if you have a chance to support any of our sponsors, they'd appreciate it. 
Stay healthy!

3/16/2020 AT 7:45PM

Effective Tuesday March 17, at 9pm (after Tuesday's scheduled practices, lessons, etc.) we will be closing the Stars Training Center at least through March 31. 
We will be closing all availability in Setmore for group and individual field/cage reservations. 
This is in response to the latest CDC guidance of limiting social groups to 10 people or less.  While we had hoped to be able to keep the facility available for our families to use, these latest guidelines prevent that.  We we continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated of any changes.
Stay healthy!

3/15/2020 AT 3:28PM

We are continuing to keep the Stars Training Center open during normal hours.  We have received questions & concerns from a few parents, and also encouragement & approval from several others. Some teams have chosen to cancel practices, while others have had high participation.
For those with concerns, please keep in mind, your use of the STC is completely your choice.  Attendance to team workouts, individual lessons, any camps & clinics are voluntary for parents, players, coaches and all involved.  For youth players with lessons, those will be able to be made up after April 1. There will be no penalty or negative impacts to a players status for choosing not to participate.
For those who do plan to use the facility, we hope it continues to allow the players a little bit of normalcy. We are continuing to follow the guidance from the CDC (e.g. no gatherings of 250+ people, avoiding physical contact, sanitizing regularly, opening doors to promote air flow, etc.).
Again, as a family non-profit organization, we consider all of you as part of our family. We ask that if you have items you can spare such as hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, Lysol, etc., we would appreciate you sharing if you visit the facility. Even if you don't plan to leave it at the facility, but use it to spray down baseballs with Lysol before/after practice or cage session, give each player a little sanitizer for their hands, etc.
Check the site for the most up to date information.
Thank you all for being part of the Stars family!

3/12/2020 at 5:53pm

We wanted to send an update on our approach related to the Coronavirus situation.
Governor Pritzker’s guidance this evening is that he is not closing schools in the state, and he’s encouraging no group gatherings of more than 250 people. We will continue to follow the recommendations of the official agencies and update you on any further developments.
With that, as of now, we are still keeping the Stars Training Center open for normal hours. However, we’d ask that our players and families make the decision that’s best for you.  We are approaching this like we would as a family. Whatever decision you make about attending practice, etc., will not be penalized when it comes to future playing time, etc.  Please work with your coach and let him know if you plan to come, so he can determine if enough players on your team will be there where it makes sense to have practice.
If you do decide to come to the facility, we’d love to ask for your help. Use common sense as you interact with others. Avoid physical contact, and wash your hands before and after team activities.
Also, as you know we’re a non-profit organization and rely on help from our families. If you have stocked-up on hand sanitizer, and can spare a bottle, we’d be grateful if you could bring one with you to leave at the STC. Same with any disinfectant wipes or cleaning supplies so we can wipe down door handles, equipment, and baseballs.
Again, we consider Stars nation our family and hope we can all help to keep our families safe.

3/12/2020 at 9:45am

While we are not aware of any of our families being impact at this time, we understand that each family should make their own decisions on whether or not to participate in group activities.
Some other points of emphasis:
  • If a player or parent has a fever or is suspected of being ill, they should stay home.
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and certainly before you eat or drink.
  • Players need to be conscious of their hands while visiting the facility.
  • Players should replace their usual “high-fives” with other fist bumps, etc.
  • Pick up and dispose of your drink bottles.
In the event anyone that has visited the facility becomes exposed or diagnosed with the virus, please contact us. We will take the necessary steps needed, even if that means ceasing all practices, lessons and camps.
We will continue to look to the CDC, local and national health agencies for guidance as it relates to protecting you and the facility from potential exposure.
If you have any questions, please let us know.
Stay Safe!
Phil Carona (no relation to the virus!)
President - Lake County Stars Baseball