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Fundamentals of Youth Training

By Kip Steingart, 10/10/19, 6:00PM CDT


Groove the movement pattern before progressing to more advanced movements...

The primary goal of all training is to develop strength, power, speed, rate of force development, and conditioning. Prior to making advancements in training, the athlete must first and foremost learn how to master and control the movement pattern and their own body weight before adding external resistance and making more advanced progressions.

Every pattern we perform builds upon itself. We first and foremost being with grooving the movement pattern, moving to bodyweight progressions, and ultimately progress to the main movement pattern and it’s advancements by adding strength, speed, power, rate of force development, and conditioning. 

Grooving the movement pattern helps assist the athlete into the proper positions to teach the athlete proper body awareness, stability, and control throughout the movement pattern. It teaches the athlete to move into the correct positions and helps them get from where they need to go in the most efficient, safe, and effective

The athlete’s progression depends on their ability to master the specific task and skill we’re working on developing. If the athletes have not demonstrated the ability to master and own their own bodyweight, we cannot progress forward. 

The foundational principles always apply to the athlete. Progressing an athlete to fast without mastering the movement pattern will into lead to setbacks in training and increase potential risk of injury further down the line. This is unnecessary and counterproductive to the long- term success of the athlete. 

Strive to master the fundamental movement pattern and be really good at the basics before moving forward to more advanced training.  Earn the right to move forward through consistent, committed, hard work and dedication to the process.